2017 UIA Jean Tschumi Prize

In recognition of his remarkable contribution to the field of architecture, the International Union of Architects UIA has declared Professor Ashraf Salama the recipient of the 2017 Jean Tschumi Prize for excellence in Architectural Education and Criticism.

UIA 2017 Gold Medal and Prizes
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Nominated by the UIA Egyptian National Section, the nomination statement captures his work and impact “Prominent architect and educator, Ashraf Salama’s work has influenced generations of architects worldwide. An outstanding academic through his major books, he developed the discourse on architectural design pedagogy and has led three schools of architecture in three continents, two of which he has founded. As a distinguished researcher he is the author of key works on architecture of emerging cities.

The Jury, composed of UIA Bureau Members, included President Esa Mohamed (Malaysia), Past President Albert Dubler (France), Secretary General Thomas Vonier (USA), Treasurer Fabian Llisterri (Spain), and Vice-Presidents David Falla (UK), Deniz Incedayi (Turkey), Carlos Alvarez (Costa Rica), Yolanda Reyes (Philippines) and Ali Hayder (Sudan).

The Jury statement reflects the distinction of Professor Salama’s works “It is in a spirit of profound appreciation and admiration that the Jury has selected Professor Salama to be the 2017 winner of the prize.” His name is thus added to an illustrious list of renowned architects, historians and critics who have, since the mid 1960s, “formed the intellectual foundation of the profession, inspiring and guiding architects, students and the broader public towards a richer understanding of and a more thoughtful approach to architecture.

The UIA Bureau has decided upon the winners of the 2017 UIA Gold Medal and Prizes. The jury has attributed the Gold Medal, the highest honour awarded to a living architect by his fellow architects, to leading Japanese architect Toyo Ito.
  • The Auguste Perret Prize for Applied Technology in Architecture will go to Mr. Nikolay Shumakov.
  • The Jean Tschumi Prize for Architectural Education and Criticism was attributed to Professor Ashraf M Salama.
  • The Robert Matthew Prize for the Improvement of the Quality of Human Settlements went to Ms. Carin Smuts.
  • The Vassilis Sgoutas Prize recognizing inventive, implemented architectural solutions for reducing poverty was awarded to Mr. Hoang Thuc Hao.
Dedicated to the memory of the first UIA presidents, the UIA Prizes were created in 1961 to recognise professionals whose merits, talents, or actions have made an international impact in a particular aspect of the architectural profession. This year, the Secretariat received 46 nominations.

The Jean Tschumi Prize is awarded by the International Union of Architects to individuals for a significant contribution to architectural theory, or architectural education and criticism.

Earlier awardees of Jean Tschumi Prize include eminent theorists and academics including Joseph Rykwert (USA) in 2014, Kenneth Frampton (UK) in 2011, Luca Molinari (Italy) in 2008, Peter Davey (UK) in 2005, and Juhani Pallasmaa (Finland) in 1999. The full list of Prizes since 1967 is included below based on UIA records:

Prize: Ashraf M. Salama (Egypt)

Prize: Joseph Rykwert (United Kingdom)

Prize: Kenneth Frampton (United Kingdom)
Prize: Louise Noelle Gras (Mexico)
Honorary Mention: Andy MacMillan & Isi Metzstein (United Kingdom)

Prize: Luca Molinari (Italy)
Prize: Escola Sert – COAC (Spain)

Prize: QUADERNS d'arquitectura i urbanisme (Spain)
Prize: Peter Davey (United Kingdom)
Honorary Mention: Selim Khan-Magomedov (Russia (Federation of))

Award: Elias Zenghelis (Greece)
Prize Manuel Tainha (Portugal)
Honorary Mention: "World Architecture: A Critical Mosaic" Authors (China)

Prize: Juhani Pallasmaa (Finland)
Honorary mention: Jennifer Taylor (Australia)

Prize: Peter Cook (United Kingdom)
Prize: Lianguong Wu (China)
Honorary Mention: Toshio Nakamura and the Mexican Editor COMEX

Prize: Eric Kumchew Lye (Malaysia)

Prize: Eduard Franz Sekler (Austria)
Honorary Mention: Dennis Sharp (United Kingdom)
Honorary Mention: Claude Parent (France)

Prize: Christian Norberg-Schultz (Norway)
Prize: Ada Louise Huxtable (United States)

Prize: Julius Posener (GDR)

Prize: Neville Quarry (Australia)
Honorary Mention: Jorge Glusberg (Argentina)
Honorary Mention: Tadeusz Barucki (Poland)

Prize: Rectory and Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lima (Peru)

Prize: Reyner Banham (United Kingdom)

Prize: Joao Batista Vilanova Artigas (Brazil)

Prize: I. Nikolaev (USSR)
Prize: Pedro Ramirez Vazquez (Mexico)

Prize: Jean-Pierre Vouga (Switzerland)

The International Union of Architects (Union internationale des Architectes, or UIA) is an international non-governmental organization that represents over a million architects in 124 countries. The UIA was founded in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1948, with the General Secretariat located in Paris.